Force-Installing Windows 7 Pro 64bit with SSD settings

According to several articles I read online, Windows 7 installs itself with a different default configuration if it sees you are installing it on a SSD to make it function more efficiently with said SSD (disabling defragmentation for that drive, enabling TRIM, etc).

Problem is, my OS drive is two SSDs in a RAID0 (Yes, my motherboard and bios support TRIM over RAID0). However, since these were set up in a RAID by my motherboard's bios, it seems my system cannot tell that they are SSDs. When I tested the system by installing Windows 7 on a temp laptop HDD, although it could see the RAID array and format it, it couldn't tell it was SSD. Even Samsung's own SSD Magic app to perform maintenance on them could not detect them (although the app saw them just fine when the drives were separate), it just thought the RAID array was some unknown single drive named "Intel".

So now, I am worried that the Windows 7 installer won't be able to tell the RAID array is SSD either, or that its even a RAID at all and assume its just a single HDD.

Is there any way I can force the installer to use these SSD mode presets when installing Windows 7? Or any way I can force-enable that profile after Windows 7 is installed?

(P.S. This system also has 32GB of ram, I noticed a pathetically low amount of HDD space left on the 120GB test HDD after install... then realized that the hibernate file was 23GB and the page file over 33GB. Obviously since the real install will be on a SSD space will be at a premium. When I purposely tried to load as many memory-heavy apps as I could I saw my commit charge never go over 6GB (I can't imagine why it would ever need to page 6GB of data on a 32GB RAM system, the RAM alone only had 4GB in use), so then would it be best if I set the page file to min 1GB and max 8GB? I can't just leave it automatic and have Windows balloon it past 33GB.)
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