Asus Warranty Question - P6X58D-E failed bios flash via asus update


I tried to flash the newest bios for the p6x58d-e motherboard using the asus updater. The updater went through the steps of erasing old bios 100% then to flashing new bios 100% but then it failed to verify.

I restarted my computer and now I just get a blank screen. I get No beeps what so ever.

Anyone know how to fix this?


edit: ive tried clearing the CMOS via taking the battery out for 10+ mins and pushing the clear CMOS button on the I/O board. I still get a blank screen.

I also tried inserting the CRash recovery CD and since I have a blank screen I don't think its doing anything.

edit 2: Im 99% sure its a motherboard problem and not a video card because this happened right after i restarted my computer after the unverifiable bios update.

Ok, upon further research i now know i need to RMA it.

Does anyone know if asus warranty covers failed flash via asus update utility?

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  1. good luck if you have to deal with Asus. I just bought a new build and updated the BIOS through the EZ Flash Utility. I downloaded the ROM file put it on a flash drive and began the process. It seemed to read/copy fine but on re-boot, the mobo wouldn't post. Taking out the battery, etc., didn't help either. Sent my build back to the vendor who promptly installed a new mobo and it works fine now at the other end. Should be getting it back this week. Notified Asus in any case with my serial number [maybe they had problems on the line?]. When I mentioned the problem to him, he came back with an email of CID [Customer Induced Damage] and by updating the BIOS, my warranty was null & void!
  2. If you brick the bios...simply order a new one from Asus (not a big ordeal or other online vendors)...get one with the latest bios version..heck get 2 in case you brick bios again...pop out the old bios (refer to your manual for the location of your bios). Insert the new bios. Done.

    Sorry my response is late...but I guess this will be for the others that find this posting. Happy times all.
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