Nvidia SLI + 3D Vision, somebody please tell me your experiences.

I just ordered two GTX 460's, a 120Hz monitor with the Nvidia 3D vision kit, I also have a 9800GT for Physx. Can somebody with any experience with any of this please give me some tips on what to expect/ what drivers to use/ how to install the drivers (what are the steps?) / your impressions of 3D gaming, and what games work best and which ones to stay away from.

Can you turn 3D on and off ? What kind of a performance hit is there ? What software do you use to overclock your Nvidia cards ?

It's been a few years since I went Nvidia, and I kind of jumped feet first into this 3D thing without looking about all the info on it, so if somebody could answer one or two of my questions it would help me alot! It all should be here by Thurs. so I have a day or two to learn up.

Also, obviously since I am going Nvidia, I am selling my two 5870's for 520$ for BOTH of them, shipped, PM me if you are interested.

One last thing, I have Power DVD 10 Ultra, with 3D Blu-Ray support, has anybody tried this yet ? Thanks. - Annisman
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  1. Bump, please, if anybody has some advice to give I will gladly take it!
  2. Quote:
    * Bump posts, claim "first!"

    Tom's did an article on 3D a little while ago, not exactly the same as your setup but still...
  3. Thanks, I'm reading it now.

    Also, mousemonkey, what do you think, a good or bad idea to trade 2X 5870's for 2X 460's + 3D Vision and Physx. When I sell my 5870's they will pay for the 460's.

    Anyways, I know I am losing some overall horsepower, but scaling is better in SLI so I gain a little back on that front.
  4. I'm not really the person to ask as I would never have got a pair (or a single) 5870 in the first place! :lol:
  5. Fair enough, that article was a little shoddy for my needs, but it was better than nothing.
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