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Cpu cooling fan/ram cooling fan.

Hey, quick question, I have a gigabyte 890fx-ud5 motherboard, and amd 1090t cpu, will my 8 gb of corsair Dominator ram With ram cooling fan and a zalman 9700 cpu cooler fan all fit? Or will they run into/overlap eachother, any1 with experience or any knowledge on this topic would be great. ( i dont know if it matters but I have it all in a Cooler master HAF 92 Full Tower Case with 2 6870's).
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    The 9700 is quite a small cooler so should be ok, theres one way to find out. :D
  2. thanks brother, I was just looking for a little reasurance before i bought it.
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  4. You really don't need a fan for your memory. It's kinda of a waste of money unless it comes with it.
  5. Ya, I'm getting corsair dominator.. 8gb at 1333, and it comes with a fan, so I figured if it would fit why not just snap it on and go with it.
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