High memory usage while surfing flash enabled sites like facebook

Hello I really need help with this one. When I visit Facebook or a heavily flash enables sites i notice my memory usage is crazy. This happens on more than one browser. On Facebook the Plugin Container plugin be over 500 Megs. On internet explorer total memory usage is over 300 Megs. Lastly on Google Chrome I check its task manager and it tells me the shockwave Flash plugin is taking up 535 Megs. I think the problems in the Flash plugins. Please help me. :(
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  1. Sorry there isn't anything do to with that. I also found the same problems with firefox and chromium under Ubuntu as well. I've also found out firefox3-4 being worse on that than firefox 5 which as almost solved the issue. Since I always use at least 10 tabs and over 20-30 on average, this is an pretty ugly issue.

    For example I'm now using firefox5.0.1 portable downloaded on www.portableapps.com, with all plugins I need for everyday tasks. Hitting CTRL+ALT+DELETE and looking at current processes, it seems like plugin container is no more. This is pretty good since it was over using ram all the time. But currently my firefox.exe *32 is using almost 250MB of data, with currently 11 tabs opened and using Windows 7 home 64bits.

    Try using the latest firefox on www.mozilla.com, using no plugins at all for a while just to see if it resolves your issue. Also google updated their chrome to the latest chrome 13 so do try it too, without additional plugins as well.

    You can also try a portable build of chrome or firefox as I am. It is way more convenient to use the same firefox/configurations on different computers, without having to install every plugin I need on each computer. Also since it's configuration is no more stored in the Windows registry, it is written inside some files in firefox portable directory, which is convenient to modify yourself.
  2. 1st thanx for your input. 2nd I will try loading Firefox in safe mode. 3rd I probably will need more help as the problem occurs on all major browsers I've tried. IE explorer, chrome, and Firefox.
  3. After loading firefox in safe mode all went well until I enabled the flash pluin and the plugin container memory shot up to 546 Megs. I am now sure it is flash. Any advice friends. :heink:
  4. Still no solution found.
  5. Any takers.... Their seems to be no solution. Mod... Close this thread for me please. This is to avoid further emails asking me if the problem has been solved. Thanx for trying guys and gals.
  6. I read something about a commonly known flash problem in facebook, IE, and mozilla forums. It has something to do with memory leak in the browsers when using flash, if that's really the cause, I can't say, but it's been going on for a while and they haven't resolved it with new browser versions or updates either.
  7. I am experiencing the same problems in Google Chrome. When i open just 5 or 6 flash enabled sites like youtube and facebook, then check the task manager, the flash plugin consumes over 700-800MB.
    This is rather troublesome. I am unsure of what is going on but if its a memory leakage, then its a pretty bad memory leakage
    costing over 800MB of ram for 1 single plugin.....
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