Core 2 duo build psu

I know that this build is pretty much outdated

Intel core 2 duo 2.93 ghz
ASRock g31
2 GB DDR2 ram
500 gb samsung spinpoint
Nvidia 9500 gt
One dvd-rw

But I need to know something. The shopkeeper said that a 350 W psu would do fine. they said that it was a branded one (foxconn) and that it was good. But I don't know if it would do the job.
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  1. A modern 350 would do the job! I do not know foxconn PSU´s though.
  2. i forgot to mention that the psu comes with a case which is also a foxconn
  3. +1 for Rolli. I'm not privy on the Foxconn PSU's, but if it's a decent PSU it should be fine.
  4. Foxconn PSU's are most likely a not-so-good generic, but for your system it should power it fine, it barely draws 150W on load.

    If you can though, check the labels on the side of the PSU and tell us the amps on the +12v rail.
  5. I'm also concerned if I would be able to put a better vga in future. Am i safer to get at least a 450 W psu?
  6. Yes. My "standard" PSU is the Corsair 550VX. It will power a system with any CPU and any single GPU video card.

    OTOH, all the PSU calculators seem to overestimate PC power consumption. My gaming/media system has an OC'd Q9550, 4 GB or RAM, a GTX260, 3 HD's totaling 2.6 TB's, and a Soundblaster card. Doing my best to maximize the load (3 instances of Prime95 and one of 3DMark06), my Kill-a-Watt meter indicates that the system pulls 375 watts from the wall. At 80% efficiency, that's 300 watts from the PSU.

    They key here is to select a good PSU.
  7. Pick a brand name like Antec or Corsair or Seasonic in the approximately 500watt range.
  8. Ok thanx everyone, so anyway i'm going to pick a 450 W psu (a 550 is too expensive for me at the time)
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