Need to upgrade my power supply, help!

I just purchased a HP Pavilion P6000, which only comes with a 250w power supply. I would like to upgrade this so I can upgrade my graphics card to an Nvidia GeForce 9400, but I don't know what would be compatible. Any help would be greatly appreciated :)
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  1. the 9400GT hardly draws any power and will run on a 250w PSU.

    FYI, the 9400GT is not considered a modern gaming card
  2. Modern? Was it ever considered a gaming card?
  3. OK, so.. how bout recommending some upgrades for the HP Pavilion P6000? I do like to game online, and this computer isn't handling it well.
  4. GT240 or the 5570 is the minimum card you'll want for gaming. I have no idea whats in the P6000 so I have no idea what to suggest. Dual core, 4GBs ram (3GB is also ok.) and a PCIe slot is what you want.
  5. That's a standard ATX form factor power supply.

    You can upgrade it with any good name brand power supply with a power rating sufficient/recommended for the graphics card that you are going to use.

    There is one PCI Express x16 Version 1.1 slot on the motherboard.

    With an appropriate power supply you can even use a GTX 580 if you wanted to.
  6. 4745454b said:
    Modern? Was it ever considered a gaming card?

    you can run sims, half-life, dues ex, basically games during the xbox/PS2 era
  7. Hp 6000 can come with a lot of difrent components so unless you say what you have its hard to give advice.

    (Dont forget he may have an overkill in 1 part and a bottleneck in another)
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