2x asus gtx 560 ti top sli on Asus Striker Extreme

Hi ppl, Have searched but cannot find much info on my problem, Have been trying to get 2x Geforce GTX560ti TOP to run on Asus Striker Extreme running winXP med centre, The bottom card is very close to the reset, on/off and clr cmos buttons and after badly crashing pc want to check this set up will even work after all the hassle so far, Am running QX6850 at stock, 4x 1GB OCZ SLI DDR2 @ 800mhz, 1TB WD caviar Black,Powercol 950w SLI Ready PSU, System runs fine running 1x GTX560ti and a GF9600gso as Physx card etc, Any help would be greatly appreciated, Cheers.
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  1. yes the 680i chipset will run your GTX560ti in SLI just fine.
  2. Thanks for reply, Thats great will give it another try.
  3. Quick update, Power supply although listed as 950w and SLI ready was only supplying 17amps per 12v rail and therefore was the problem, I need 37amps per card and 4xpci-express connectors and had to use molex converters for two, I wasn't even able to SLI 2x 9600GSO cards with supplied connectors, Powercool 950w just doesn't work......
  4. Ok new PSU OCZ 750w ZS series working great but SLI on any game stutters badly, Tried running both cards with one as Physx card and all works fine, Is it XP that's the problem as will be going over to x64 win7 eventually? Thanks in advance.
  5. if you are running 2 GTX560's, that power supply is enough. However, if you are running the 3rd 9600GSO or SLI'ing 2 of them at 37a...that is still short by at least 20a. You need to make sure you add the amprage before you buy. That PSU is only rated at 54amps. So, the GTX560's both take 24 amps (48 max total), and 37 amps on the 9600GSO (all 3 running at 85amps, or 2x's 9600GSO 74amps). If you truly need all 3 cards running, i would recommend a Corsair 1200W 80 PLUS GOLD CERTIFIED psu. That will cover all your amp necessities, and run quite fine.

    *Please correct me if i am wrong in anything i am saying, but as far as i know, you add the total of recommended amps per gpu. Hope this helps.
  6. - COOLER MASTER Silent Pro RSA00-AMBAJ3-US 1000W ATX12V v2.3 / EPS12V v2.92 SLI Ready 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Modular Active PFC Power Supply

    Priced at $140 after MIR, should be still in your price range, as well as 80a on a single 12v rail. Even running all 3 cards you really shouldn't exceed the psu.
  7. Thanks for comments, Am running just the 2x 560ti and have now gone over to Win 7 x64, So far all's been good ,Appreciate your input, cheers.
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