How do i move contents from my laptop hd to desktop hd

hey guys

i have a laptop with windows 7 ultimate edition on its hard drive.

when i bought my laptop, it had 64 bit vista on it, but dell was offering free upgrades to windows 7, and for a little bit more, i was able to get the win 7 ultimate 64 bit upgrade disk.

i don't want to pay for windows 7 again, since after building this desktop, i don't think i'll be using my laptop anymore. how do i get the entire contents of my laptop hard drive xferred to my 3.5inch desktop one?

also, i have the windows vista recovery cd (which i think is the full disk, not just upgrade). if i boot up my desktop for the first time and pop the vista disk and install vista, and then upgrade to windows 7, would it work?

please help :)
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  1. You can reinstall Windows with the key you got for your laptop, but you can't use Windows on your laptop anymore. Install Windows on your desktop and choose phone activation and when prompted say that you are only going to use that copy on one computer.
  2. oh sweet that sounds awesome. i bought a 320gb 7200 rpm hard drive, so if i put that in the first tray and the laptop one in the second i can just xfer everything to the bigger hd.


    thanks a lot :D
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