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Thinking of adding a custom front fan slot. Advice please.

I have an Antec Sonata 3 case housing EVGA Geforce 460 GTX gpu and Intel i7 870 cpu and this is my first build. I've gotten my CPU temp to 35/50 C idle/load and my GPU 55/60-70 idle/load. It was worse before, my cpu was around 99 C at full load, but i added a top fan myself by blowing holes on top (because the case doesn't support top fans). I also have a Corsair H50 cpu cooler.

I'm not sure if 50 C at full load is fine enough for intel i7 870 and 65-70 C for Geforce 460 GTX, so i'm thinking of blowing more holes lol.

This is a pic of the Antec Sonata 3 case.
The red circle is the slot where i added my custom top fan, and where i blew the holes.
The green circle is the front fan slot built in the case.

Now, i have a front fan installed as an intake. I am thinking of moving that fan way to the front (blue circle) and blowing holes on the front pc case. I have opened the front cover of the case and a 120mm fan can fit inside there.

I guess my question is, if i do move that fan way to the front (blue circle) and function as an exhaust, will it work? I mean, it's way in the front. If i remove the drive bays, i guess it can suck the air out?

Also, i cannot use my rear fan as an exhaust because Corsair recommends it as intake for the H50 cooler. So my only exhaust right now is the top fan, and this is why im thinking of adding a front exhaust.

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More about thinking adding custom front slot advice please
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    Wow, you've turned around your entire build :P

    What I would do is just take the front (blue) as intake, use the top (red) as exhaust where you put the H50, and the rear as exhaust too.

    I would strongly recommend against using the back as intake for the H50, since most hot air tends to go there, also due to the video card.
  2. As above, the case needs to have airflow, in at the front, out at the rear and top.

    I have an old Silverstone case with the same problem 1x120mm front and 1x120mm rear.

    The case is too nice to start drilling and modding so I just brought a fairly cheap Antec 300.

    2x120mm front / 1x120mm side / 1x120mm rear and 1x140mm top, its fridge like and worth considering.

    But if you stick with your case I'd move the intake nearer the front and get a nice HAF fan in there.

    To be honest your temps seem pretty good although my 2x460's are at 50-55C in the Antec, but yours is fine.
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