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Hi everyone, i need your help...

okay i have two laptops, one is broken and the other barely works... the broken one is a sony vaio that is about two years old and had windows 7 in it--it's HDD is 500gb... meanwhile, the other laptop is a hp dv6 that is around 4 years old and has windows vista and 250gb hard drive...

the sony vaio is my moms and she dropped it one time and it no longer works.. it still boots up but everytime i ran system restore, etc, it just gets stuck... i was successful in re-installing windows 7 at one point but after an hour or so, it gets stuck again and the hdd light gets stuck as well... i searched online for symptoms and it seems it is the hdd that failed..

instead of buying a new laptop, i was thinking of buying a new hdd instead and buy the sony recovery disk.. however, i'm still not sure if it's actually the hdd that failed, so i was thinking if i could check this by putting a different hdd on that sony... my hp dv6 is still working and the hdd still has files on it... i don't want to erase everything on it as i just want to do a quick test and see if the hdd from my hp will be read on the sony vaio...

so just to recap, sony used to have windows 7 but i'm wondering of putting my hp's hdd with windows vista on it and so my question is if that is even possible and if it's safe for both the sony vaio and the hp's hdd??

thank you so much for your time!
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  1. yes it will. keep in mind some laptops have a weird adapter the hdd, it looks like brass plates. do not fret simpl pul it off. i am assuming you know what a normal sata connector looks like?

    Best Of Luck,'
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