For HTPC Use - Can anyone tell me what ITX case this is?

I'm kicking around the idea of building another HTPC and I want it small. REALLY small. So I've been shopping around for mini-ITX cases.

I was pretty much settled on using the M350 or M200 chassis for the build, even though they're lacking in one respect: no optical drive (workaround would be USB)

While researching extreme low profile coolers, I stumbled across this picture on the Gelid website:

It looks very similar to the M350 but it can take a slim ODD. Perfect. But I can't find the case anywhere. Jetway and Morex have similar cases, but I really like the look of the one I can't find.

Any help out there? Best answer goes to whoever can find it.
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  1. old school TT my guess
  2. hmmm, REALLY SMALL you say? Try some nano-itx but that may be... to small XD
  3. How about the Antek ISK-300? 12.90" x 8.70" x 3.80" Including a slim optical bay
  4. I looked at nano-itx... I want more muscle though. Maybe a future Sandy Bridge/Fusion build or current 880G/H55. Blu-ray ya know.

    Looked at the ISK's too. I kinda like the silver one, but it's too... I dunno... shoebox shaped? I'm going for something more A/V looking. Can't find any legacy TT cases that match this one either. Came upon this one that I like. Too bad it's about 5x what I want to spend.
  5. I recently bought this one for a unified threat management gateway. I like it. Unless you're looking for something thin and wide similar to the newer dvd and blu-ray players or other ones under server chassis. I also have this one as my htpc it's more money but it's got nice cross airflow.
  6. Still researching ITX options. I thought I'd share with the forum a thread on AVS started by someone from a company called PHT (perfect home theater). They are creating a whole new line of HTPC cases (some ITX). I REALLY like the PHT-5 and I would LOVE to match it with the 10-bay hard drive enclosure PHT-HD10.

    Check out their cases here. I'm not sure who is actually manufacturing the cases, but they look stellar. What do y'all think?

    The thread discussing what the community thinks of their new line of cases and offer suggestions to PHT can be found here.
  7. That is a good find! I like the styling. The PHT-HD10 is pretty slick too except for one thing. I think it's gonna need more cooling for the 6 hard drives that aren't getting direct airflow, unless you are using 2.5" drives as they run much cooler. Maybe some fans and ducting from below? A perforated front would collect lint and dust and become insightly unless it was the exhaust.
  8. I think unfortunately there are a lot of mini-itx cases no available in the states (not sure if you are from the states or not).

    This is the one I was drooling after but isn't available:

  9. Long time... no post

    BUT, I've finished my mini-ITX HTPC project and would like to invite y'all to view the visual documentary I made of the build:

    Relating to this thread... my mind was made up for me as I received an Antec ISK 310-150 as a gift for Christmas.
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