What can kill a PSU?

I replaced a dead PSU but a new one lived only 2 days. What could kill it? Mobo, or sth else? There wasn't any visible problems with electricity at the apartment. What is most probable? How probable is that the replacement PSU was somewhat oddly, invisibly bad? Anybody had such experience like mine? Till now I thought that only PSU could kill other parts.
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  1. cheap brands and overclocking have killed a couple of my ps. I suggest you use only antec, seasonic, ocz, corsair, or enermax. Ocz and antec are the most affordable.
  2. What is your system and what type of psu were you using?
  3. I was using an old core2 duo and cheap powmax 400w. This unit weighed about two pounds, and died in about 3 days. Corsair is great for gamers; has a high single 12v rail for running well under load.
  4. Not you o1die, the OP. :lol:
  5. beanoslim said:
    What is your system and what type of psu were you using?

    This system is Gigabyte ga-m61sme-s2. 1st PS worked for 3 years (400 W) and the second was 600 W (2 days only) Modecom Feel.
  6. :eek2: Time for a new PSU as suggested Seasonic, OCZ, Corsair.
  7. beanoslim said:
    :eek2: Time for a new PSU as suggested Seasonic, OCZ, Corsair.

    From your replies I understand that there is no possibility that any other computer part can damage PSU. THX.
  8. If you are 100% sure the psu has failed, i.e. it doesn't work on another machine for instance, I would say its the psu.

    Do you use surge protection plugs?

    If you can try the psu on another machine and it worked you would then know that it was either.

    a. A component in your system.
    b. Your system is to powerfull for your psu.
  9. That powmax was a free after rebate unit from frys. Had a nice blue light, but we all live and learn.
  10. A non good brand PSU can die for many reasons:
    Power surge (aka lights going out at home or high volt spike) is the most common.

    Better Psu brands normally are quite fine vs those.

    I have a thermaltake thoughtpower 700W, wich is not "one of the best brands", and yet its been with me for 3 years np. (And my family tendo to turn on 2 much stuff so i get about 40-50 lights out a year).

    Another thing that can damage the PSU=Climate, humidity, extreame high heat in ambient temperature (note that non good brand psu are normally made for 21C ambient).

    As far as i know good PSUs even if are rated 700W, can produce more if needed (dont expect them to work for long in that case), but cheap PSUs would try to produce more power and die in the effort.
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