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PSU enough for a 5850?

I'm getting an Asus DirectCU 5850, and I'd like to know if my 500watt coolermaster PSU is enough to run it... my current specs are in my signature, just subtract the 5770... Thanks :)
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    Most likely the answer is YES. However, to confirm, head on over to:

    To see if your PSU is listed. Good luck!!

    BTW, the HD5850s are great GPUs. Enjoy yours!
  2. Coolermaster PSU's aren't too bad, I'd reckon that you'd be alright.
  3. It should be fine even for a quad core CPU of any type; generally speaking.

    It's best to list all your components and tell us if you are overclocking.

    Coolermaster PSUs are a best average and at worst below average; just like most typical PSUs out there.

    If it were a Seasonic 500w PSU, then the answer is a definite "No Prob"; I wouldn't even ask for a list of your components. Similarly, if it was a PSU that Seasonic manufactured for Antec, Corsair and PC Power & Cooling, then the answer would generally be the same.
  4. Hey, I looked at the psu, and it appears to have 16Amps on the 12v rail... that's all i could figure out... Oh, and also, it's a rc-500-pcar.
  5. I think this is it... but this one says w/o PFC too... but the one in the link says 18A on the 12v rail. and mine says 16A on the 12v
  6. If that is his PSU then it has 30 amps(360w) available on the +12v rails which should be alright even with an OC.
  7. Here is a review from Xbit, with a o/c i7 running prime 95 and Furmark at the same time,
  8. is that the total PSU usage for the entire computer? or just the GPU? (please say computer, 'cause if the 5850 is using 514 watts, I'm going to FREAK
  9. ^^^

    That's full system power consumption with an overclocked i7-920 @ 4.1GHz.

    The HD 5850 uses about 122w of power. At least a far as Crysis is concerned.
  10. Okay thanks :) It appears that I'll just barely be able to squeeze what I need out of my 500watt for now... will 16 amps on the 12volt rail be okay? Also, what's you're opinion of this PSU?
  11. If you can afford it, get this one instead. Best PSU I have ever owned, bar none!
  12. I would like to get that one, but I'm already stretching my $ to get a 5850 as is... Besides, I'm trying to make everything in my case blue leds :)
  13. Exactly what model is your PSU? You keep saying 16a on the +12v but that's kind of low even for a 300w PSU. Cooler Master isn't known for the best PSUs but I'd be pretty shocked if they had a 500w with only 16 amps.
  14. You are reading the data plate wrong. That PSU will support the HD5850, not by a lot, but it should work. Try 36 amps. Below is a review of a Cooler Master case that includes the PSU in question and a review of the overall components:
  15. jyjjy said:
    Exactly what model is your PSU? You keep saying 16a on the +12v but that's kind of low even for a 300w PSU. Cooler Master isn't known for the best PSUs but I'd be pretty shocked if they had a 500w with only 16 amps.

    uhm, I guess I misinterpreted the numbers... but below 12v it says 16a... so I assumed 16 amps. What does that actually mean?
  16. These days almost all of the major computer components including the processor and video card get their power from the +12v rail so it is actually significantly more important that the overall power rating. Power = Voltage x Current so 16 amps x 12 volts = 192w. Even a truly terrible 500w PSU will have much more power on the +12v rail so I suspect you are misreading the label or not noticing that it has more than one +12v rail. Like I said tell us the actual model number of the PSU so we can look it up. If it is the unit you linked earlier it has 2 18 amp +12v rails and combined they can output 360w.
  17. It's a cooler master rc-500-pcar with 2 12v rails, and 16a on each rail... I don't know why it says that seeing as online it's supposed to have 18A on each...
  18. What does it say for the max output on the rails?
  19. 16A on both 12v rails
  20. Yeah, I know about that but that is the maximum each rail can handle on its own. The combined maximum is usually less and indicated somewhere on in the label.
    Like the one with 2 18 amp rails adds up to 36a but the actual max output of both together is 30 amps which it says below that.
  21. uggh... I'll just buy the 5850 and the 750 watt and hope for the best :) thanks for the help :)
  22. lol
    Yeah, replacing the PSU is a good idea in any case. 750w however is a large amount of overkill. You only need something that high if you plan to crossfire and even then it is a bit much. Here is a 650w Corsair for $70 after a $20 rebate.
    Corsair is pretty much the best brand you can buy. If you check out the specs it actually has the same amount of power(624w) on the +12v rail as the 750w unit you are looking it. It should handle two HD5850s easily if that is what you plan.
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