Corsair TX 950 watt on Rampage 3 Extreme

Hi, I have bought a new Corsair TX 950 PSU for my Rampage 3 Extreme together with 2 Radeon 6870's. When I connect the PSU to the R3E the lights and LED's on the motherboard come on, but it refuses to do anything when you press the power button. When I swap the Corsair for my Thermaltake, the system starts up with no problem. I have heard the stories of the TX 950 and ASUS motherboard owners having problems during windows installation, but this takes the cake. Any Ideas?
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  1. Are you sure all the cables are properly connected? Including 20+4pins for Mobo?
  2. Are you sure your power button is hooked up right? I know many ASUS boards have one on the board, try using that one instead of the case one and see if it works since its rare for a power button to have it do nothing, normally it will at least attempt to spin the fans. If that doesnt work, take out a case fan and your PSU and test it with this method to make sure that the PSU isnt DOA
  3. Thanks, but i already tried using the onboard start button and no luck. As for the connectors, I double check-checked the 20+4 pin MOBO and 8 pin CPU connectors to make sure they are properly plugged in, cause you only need those two connectors to start up the system as I did my R3E with two other power supplies.
  4. Strange, cause your old PSU is working just fine, I would RMA your PSU since it's on warranty...
  5. Yes thanks, I have sent it the retailer for a swop-out.
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