Core i3-540 vs Athlon II x4-640

Hey everyone,

I am looking to build a gaming PC, (I have everything else picked out except the CPU) but I am kinda at a stalemate when it comes to what CPU to get. I have looked at i3s, i5s, Athlon II x3s and x4s and even Phenom IIs. And I have narrowed it down to either an i3 or Athlon II x4. I want to stay under $125 for the CPU.

I am looking for good OC potential and the best performance for playing two games in perticular, Crysis and Bad Company 2.

I already plan to get 4GB of G-skill DDR3 1333 and an XFX HD 5770 or 5830. So with the combo of those components, which CPU would be best for me.

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  1. After read a bench that dipankar post above, I change my statement, for gaming it seems like i3 is the winner here...
  2. ok, thanks for all the responses, would you guys think going up to an i5 would be worth the additional $75.
  3. I would go with an i5-750
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  5. The i3 smokes nothing. Get the Athlon.

    Bad Company 2 and lots of other games run much better on quads, for Crysis they're pretty much equal.
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