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My system has been running on a 165GB hard drive. I recently aquired a new 500GB hard drive, which is slightly faster, but mainly can fit all my applications, Steam, and Fraps. I have been using this for Fraps so far, but now want to move my OS over. Without doing a complete reset and reinstall of windows, and losing all my downloaded and installed applications, is there any way to create a BOOTABLE and complete copy of my OS and apps to the new hard drive? Thanks for reading, and ANY help or advice is appreciated, although please don't tell me about workarounds and things; either say it cant be done, or it can, and how to do it :)

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  1. Normally, with more than 2 drives I would recommend backup/restore. However, with just 2 I think the best way would be to clone the drive using a free version of true image home. If you have either a western digital drive or Seagate drive (maybe others), you can download a free version of this software from their support website.

    Cloning makes a bootable copy of the drive on the second disk.
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