Heat Sink From Pentium 4 with a Pentium D?

Can I use the heatsink fan from my old LGA 775 P4 that ran at 2.9 GHz for a newer Pentium D that is running at 3.0 GHz ? I was wondering because I need a fan and have an older fan will it work ?
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  1. It will work, It may run a little hotter then with the D cooler. I have used a P4 cooler for a P D 930 CPU. My P D 930 fan dies and I had a P4 cooler from a 2.8 As long as you do not overclock it will work fine.
  2. Thanks an I'm not going to overclock it is just an a few upgrades that turned into a whole new pc it all started with just the ram to get it to run windows 7 :D
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