New i7 seven build restart with 3d

So this week i built myself a new computer, everything is brand new

OS --> Windows 7 64 bits
Mobo --> gigabyte x58a-ud3r
CPU --> intel i7 950
GPU --> gigabyte nvidia geforce gtx 460
PSU --> OCZ gamexstream 850 w
RAM --> kingston 3 x 2gb 1066 mhz
HD --> western digital caviar blue wd 10 eals

So i installed windows 7 OS, followed by Mobo drivers and finally nvidia latest drivers.
Every components are stock right now.

I install and try stalker SOT, pre rendered video like nvidia logo and such load and 2 sec after the game menu opens computer restarts, just like if i had pressed the reset button. Win event viewer shows kernel
41 error which means windows didnt shut down properly and all values are 0 so i cannot know where the error comes from. Restarting the game over and over does the same error.

Testing part
3d mark 06 --> computer resets after 15 sec of 3d videos
Sisoft sandra cpu test --> works like a charm as only 2d picture are showed (CPU temp 42 C idle --> 68 C strain)
Windows memtest --> no problem detected
MSI Kumbuster stability test --> only 3d picture that can be desplayed for hours (GPU temp 30 C --> 68 C)
Passmark performance test --> the second a 3d rendering appears computer resets
Memtest86 --> not done yet

Note : when computer is under strain PSU makes a low electrical noise

Heating doesnt seem the be the issue because if i power up the computer and instantly open stalker or any test, reset happens. Temps are normal (even though its not 100% reliable)
Could it be a driver issue?
Since its 3d, GPU problem?
Should i play in the mobo setting with ram and such?
Actually any part could be defective as far as i know.¸
Ill also try reformat and reinstall windows this week just in case it would work.

So any other tests i should try?
All opinions are welcome. thx
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    You can play with ram settings in bios but it really sounds like GPU or PSU issue. Can you test your GPU in another computer?
  2. I might be able to do some testing with a friends computer this week-end, by switching GPU and PSU. If everything works fine by my end and he bug, then i might have found the culprit.

    Ill give news as soon as testing is done.
  3. Tested on my friends PSU everything works fine, so PSU was the culprit thx
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