PCIe X 1 (Firewire)

Dear people, can I set a card with "lots of pins" in such a few holes?

I want to add a Belkin Firewire 800 IEEE 1394b PCI Card but do not dare to buy because there are so many pins that wouldn't fit, it looks like it's not going to work... am I wrong?

Another question; if it works, can I use the firewire 800 to capture from camcorder (usually 400)?

Thanks a lot :)
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  1. PCI cards will fit in the PCI slot, no matter what pins are enabled on it or not. PCI-x cards will also fit a PCI-x slot, as long as the notch matches the one on the PCI-x slot. PCI cards do NOT fit PCI-x slots, or viceversa.
    In brief, if you have PCI slots available, it should work.
    For compatibility, check this:
  2. Thanks for the link, house.

    However perhaps I commited a mistake using the whole expression "PCIe X 1" only in the title. I'm talking about it when I said "PCI". The cards have lots of pins and my slot just a few...
  3. Are you sure the card is PCI-x? Because on the website it's listed as a PCI card.


    unless I'm missing something...
  4. That one is PCI, I'm afraid I looked at a PCI picture thinking it was PCIe x1 (!)
  5. They make that card in a PCIe x1 version too. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16815108010&cm_re=belkin_firewire_800-_-15-108-010-_-Product

    Keep in mind that there are no 64 bit drivers. and you probably should research which firewire chips your camcorder works well with. I know my bortherinlaws only works with Texas Intruments FW chips.
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