$1400-$1500 MR. PIZZA

Hey guys, long story short... my budget was lowered ;) from $2200 to $1400.. because that what i can afford.. oh well.. I am waiting mid-october.. if the 6XXX aren't out... well i don't really care. I need a computer and i am not waiting another month. I have waited 7 months... i'm done waiting any longer than mid-october FINAL.

Approximate Purchase Date: October 15-25th

Budget Range: $1400-1500 ($1550 MAX)

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Video editing, Gaming, General use.

Parts Not Required: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor.

Preferred Website for Parts: http://www.newegg.com/

Country of Origin: USA (I don't live near a micro center)

Parts Preferences: AMD, ATi (I really don't like intel/nvidia)

Overclocking: Yep, 4GHz at least.

SLI or Crossfire: Yes, in the future.

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: Don't give me nvidia shi* I don't care what you say.


So.... here we go!

Crosshair IV Formula/AMD Phenom II x6 1090t I want to go with this motherboard because.. well... its the best AMD motherboard you can get. I love the features, i will go with the M4A89TD if I have to. I want to go with the processor because i always max out my quad core... (athlon ii x4) when i render, 6 cores will be a big help!

G.SKILL ECO Series 4GB I want to go with this memory because it is C7, 1600MHz, low voltage and its g.skill :)

Spinpoint F3 I want to go with this hard drive because it is cheap, 7200RPM and its faster than the WD Caviar Black

Radeon HD 5870 I want to go with this GPU because its ATi, fast and XFX. This beats the GTX 470 and GTX 460.

Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold Series 800W I love coolermaster power supplies and this model is 80+ GOLD lemme say that in bold... IT'S 80+ GOLD is that clear? Good amps on the 12V rail.

HAF 912/Windows 7 64-Bit I like the cooler master HAF line of cases, they look great, have great features, great price, great airflow and easy to mod... Whats not to like?

Optical Drive Cheap and does the job. Like the brand.

Extra parts i want :)

Cooler Master V6 I like cooler master and i have been looking at this for a long time :)

x2 120mm Red LED Case Fan to replace the fans on my V6.

Megaflow 200 Case fan for front.

Anti-Static Wrist Strap I couldn't find my old one :cry:

Grand Total:* $1,443.50
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  1. Really? I help people the second i see the thread... i read it, type my thing and post. Wow, what is this?
  2. Looks decent to me. You already know your stuff pretty well. Newegg combos should help lower the cost

    There are 4 new processors comig out on tuesday. a new Athlon II X4 at 3.1 GHz, The X6 1075 (3.0 GHz), and 2 versions of the Phenom II X4 970 at 3.5 GHz. One Deneb based, the other Thuban based with 2 locked cores, OEM only. But it will have the Thuban's better memory controller and 8GB L3 cache
  3. I am sorry to hear you had to lower your budget. I remember reading a few of your earlier post and you seemed pretty excited about getting ready to start the build. From what I understand the 6850 video card might launch in late October but I am guessing it would be about the same as a 5870 (just my opinion.) I remember reading that ATi will be dropping the price on their current models so hopefully that will take place before you purchase a video card. I believe your build is top notch, I would suggest a different video card but you stated that you have no interest in Nvidia products. If I come across any sales on the parts you posted I will make sure to let you know. :D
  4. Thanks guys. Thank you to Sqrl for that CPU info. ;)

    [:graywolf:9] to Jones [:graywolf:9]
  5. ^
    CASE - I would suggest you take a look at the HAF 922 rather than 912...Though the 912 should fit the 5870s easy, and the 922 comes with 2 stock 200MM mega flow fans too...
    Also this is one of favorite cases. ;)

    PSU - How about this one ?
    Ya I know that color combinations would blind the eye :P but still for this price, this PSU is hard to beat - And even for an overclocked PC with 2x HD 5870s, these would be fine...
    XFX 750W

    CPU Cooler - This would be my choice if you want to hit 4GHz...
    Add 1 more fan in Push-Pull config
    Thermalright TR-FDB-12-2000 120mm Case Fan - Fluid Dynamic
  6. THank you gkay, I want the HAF 912 because... the color inside.. it's different from the HAF 912 sheet metal :D + the haf 912 is only 60 BUCKS! :D

    Ill look at CPU coolers, im considering that PSU...
  7. ^ Ya the color inside is different, but no windowed side-panels so I doubt you will notice,...
    Also like I said, the 922 comes with 2x200MM Megaflow fans as stock, so that adds up to the price of the 922 and right now the 912 is about $70 if you include shipping and the 922 is $90 Shipped, so the margin is reduced even further...Also the 922 will give you more space to work with too...
    I am so sorry but I just cant stop suggesting the 922 over the 912 for such a build :P

    The 912 is in the league of say the Antec 300 IMO and is better suited for say maybe upto GTX 460s SLIs or something like that, but when going with larger cards and big coolers, you would really appreciate the extra space the 922 offers...

    But its your call though,...anyways the 912 also is such a good case, so its fine...
  8. well its not on the antec 300 level.. its budget, yes.. but its not made like a budget case... it has the same metal as the haf x :P and ill airbrush the inside... yes AIRBRUSH the INSIDE XD of the case black/camo grey

    + I like the cable management in the HAF 912
  9. Ok ok 912 it is...
    Good Luck with your build, also do show off the airbrush too... ;)
  10. Sure will man! It might be like.. Q2 next year when i have some time... :P or maybe during ♪ The holiday season ♫ :P
  11. Oh yeah masterpieces does take time... ;)
  12. gkay09 said:
    Oh yeah masterpieces does take time... ;)

    Yep :D

    After that ill add coolermasters haf 912 side panel they are supposed to be coming out with [:isamuelson:2] [:isamuelson:2]
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