PC won't recognize hard-drive until I use boot CD/DVD. HELP?!

Hi guys,

So I am in a bit of a pickle. Yesterday, I finally upgraded my case to an A90 Thermaltake, and for the most part, everything went swimmingly. However, when I turned on the computer, my computer would not go past the "Verifying DMI Pool Data" part. Instead, after waiting for 3-4 minutes, it would state "Boot from CD/DVD". After making sure all the cables were in the right location, making sure BIOS had HDD as my boot device, and manually selecting to use the HDD (F12), it still would not boot.

However, when I put in my Windows 7 DVD into the drive, it worked. I don't press any button, but it loads windows anyways. I want to know what the problem is and ANY help would be appreciated. :(

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  1. Additional info:

    Windows 7 64bit
    Seabees barracuda 1 tb sata hdd
    Gigabyte ma785gm- u2sh
  2. Check your BIOS is the hard drive set to IDE mode or is it AHCI mode? what was it before?
  3. How do I check this? I think it's set to IDE because it recognizes it on IDE CHANNEL 3 MASTER. I believe it's always been like that
  4. Yes it is definitely on IDE MODE.
  5. i would try setting it to AHCI mode to see if that fixes it.
  6. Okay changed it to achieve same problem.
  7. Ok set it back to IDE and boot off of the Windows DVD and do a windows repair.
  8. Okay. I went in to windows repair and it didn't recognize my os. (which it did the last time) but anywho I continued and did Scan os in cmd prompt and. It saw I had windows installed. How odd. Anywho, continuing from there I went to start up repair and it repaired SOMETHING or atleast attempted to. Didn't work however :(
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    Do you have a lot of inportant files? I am thinking of a full backup and then format/ reinstall.
  10. Yeah. I have lots of important files on it. I don't want to have to do a reformat. Are there any other ideas?!
  11. Okay so some more info. I have two drives and one of them is on IDE, while the other is on Sata. The IDE drive has nothing on it and for some reason when I have it connected it takes a lot longer for my computer to recognize it's IDE drives. BUT, I plugged it back in and put my windows 7 cd in. Now it asks me to press a button if I want to boot from the cd and if I don't press anything it allows me to boot into windows. I don't know what this means but what could possibly be the solution to this?! I'd rather not wait 10 minutes to boot my computer :(
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