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How can I convert a MS Word file to PDF?
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  1. in 2010/2007 you can save-as .pdf (select the type of document just below the name)
    Otherwise use something like win2pdf, it installs as if a printer, and allows you to print to pdf in effect.
  2. If it is 2010/07 then do as monkey says.

    I have Word 2000 so I always use bullzip pdf printer.
  3. It is quite simple to convert any file to pdf.
    I use pdf995 software to convert files to pdf format.
    Just go to the print option (Ctrl+P) and select pdf995 as the printer then hit print and document will be converted to pdf. Save it as you want.
    It works with Excel too.
  4. I always used PDF Creator before I got a newer version of office. Install it, then go to print, select the PDF printer (like the XPS printer), and after you select print it will prompt you for a file name and save location.
  5. I'll agree with what has been said...a simple (or more advanced) PDF printer is a great way to print anything to PDF.
  6. and the OP has already posted another thread and hasn't responded to this one. Well done OP.
  7. alternately, you can use this free online program.

    pdf to doc
  8. Hi bodiebill,

    Try the free PDFCreator
  9. Also

    Try this one -- Use google to translate to english : )

    The PDF software 7-PDF Maker presents itself!
    Whether for home or office - 7-PDF Maker is a very versatile, easy to use Freeware PDF generator for creating PDF files for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and Windows7 !
    The software works not as a PDF printer, but purely as a PDF file converter! This means they can directly convert file formats supported by PDF. If you are locking for a PDF printer, you should 7-PDF Printer use.
    The PDF software provides the following functions:
    Generated PDF and PDF / A-1 from over 80 file formats and image
    Created PDF hyperlinks from MS Word referrals (email, web link, etc.)
    Generation of tagged PDF files (indexed PDF files)
    Automatically generates PDF contents of paragraph styles
    Converts directly / natively include the following formats to PDF: DOC -> PDF, DOCX -> PDF, PPT -> PDF, PPT -> PDF, XLS -> PDF, xlsx -> PDF, ODT -> PDF, ODS -> PDF ODP -> PDF, RTF -> PDF, HTML -> PDF, TXT -> PDF, JPG -> PDF, GIF -> PDF, PNG -> PDF, TIFF -> PDF, EPS -> PDF, PSD -> PDF , BMP -> PDF, WMF -> PDF, and many more ...
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