G73jh asus

ya i know no real true gaming pc but its fast and i can play some games at pretty decent fps and it looks insanely cool.

that said. im looking at the 2 models that come with the backpack and mouse. for obvious reasons.

one comes with a blue ray and one doesnt.

i have a samsung 42in plasma 720p tv. i do not have a blue ray player. is there a cord that can hook that laptop to my tv and use it as a blue ray player?? vga to hdmi

and if so how good is the player can it play all new blue ray movies without any type of studder or anything going wrong??
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  1. There is no cable from VGA (analog) to HDMI (digital). you would need some kind of a converter in between.
  2. The laptop has an HDMI output.

    check the PORTS in the specs


    4 USB, Ethernet, HDMI, VGA, microphone, headset, 8-in-1 Flash Memory Card Reader
  3. cool ill just use the hdmi out

    but like i said is it a good player i read on a few laptop reviews that they had a hard time playing blue rays on the laptop and when hooked up to a tv they where even worse for some reason even though the resolution was the same.

    and i read that the asus comes with a lot of crap on it is there any quick way to delete ever single thing besides the bare bones operating system?or do i need to go into controll panel and delete the mall individually

    and is there a program out there that gets rid of the leftovers that some programs leave behind after they have been deleted?

    ill be buying it in the next few days so im sure most of the drivers are out of date and i can guarantee that i wont want any of the programs it comes with (well maby 1 or 2)
  4. i think it should be fine thats what my friend does with it and he dosnt have any issues but idk if its as good as a blueray player from best buy or somthing

    btw idk if asus fixed there bsod issues when they first came out its like every other laptop was a POS but i figure its all fixed now
  5. For the BSOD and GSOD problems or worries, I suggest you do some reading about what ASUS employee's are doing at this forum: http://forum.notebookreview.com/asus-gaming-notebook-forum/

    Gary Key's works at ASUS and he's working closely with the people at that forum. I forget if he works with the technical department or the marketing department. To say the least, he's there helping people with the G73JH series and the problems they have with those laptops. I'm watching closely too since I plan to buy the G73JH too. Since its release, the problems have been getting resolved as time goes by. Even better now that someone up at ASUS is over there working with customers trying to reproduce the bugs and SOD's.
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