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What are the most reliable and reputable gfx card makers?

I'm not talking NVIDIA vs ATI, I'm talking about the other companies. EVGA, ASUS, and MSI to name a few.

In your experience, what card manufacturers are the most reliable with the best build quality for the money?
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  1. I've had ASUS 8800GTS, GTX295 & HD5970...all work a treat with great customer service and get 2mbit downloads with drivers etc. I also have an XFX HD5970, and their website is set up really good...but haven't had to deal with customer service yet...a good thing!!
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    EVGAs are rock solid for the most part.
    Sapphires are good, but customer service is so-so and the cards look, ehh.
    I loved BFG, but too bad.
    XFX had seen better days, some of their recent products seemed to have little problems, but its still above average.
    ASUS is decent, little nits here and there but good.
    Have no idea about MSI, but their HAWK/Twin Frozr products look great.
    Really dont know about gigabyte, but given their record in MoBos, decent.
    Not familiar with Galaxy, but I like their logo(lol), but it seems a bit hit and miss.
    HIS/Powercolor/Palit/Gainward are the better value brands to me, so go for it if its cheap. (Though Palit/Gainward is trying to move upmarket with the Fermis, lets see about that)
    Diamond/Visiontek/Sparkle, cards Id buy if it were on sale.
    Zotac is made by Sapphire IIRC, so should be decent.
    The rest (Albatron/Apollo/Club 3D/Chaintech/VTX, etc.) is case by case scenarios.
  3. Have 3 HIS cards: X1550, X1650 Pro and HD4850. never had a problem with those cards... :)
  4. I used EVGA and it ran great(still chugging along), then I got palit GTX460 and overheated to 95c, sold it and got XFX HD5850 and had the gray screen issue, figured EVGA is best.
  5. I pretty much go for ASUS with any other computer component but for GPU's I go for either XFX or Sapphire.
  6. I heard that Sapphire ATI cards run a little hot. Many people have complained about it. For nVidia i trust eVGA and for ATI, Sapphire. And overall i trust Asus.

    But frankly there's not much difference in the reference cards. So i say go for the one which has better after sales support and warranty.

    Its the non reference cards that matter and in it Asus has some nice ones. Not to mention Sapphire's Toxic and Vapor-X series.
  7. For Nvidia:


    For ATI:

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