Will SSD's be getting a lot cheaper anytime soon?

I've been holding off on buying an SSD for my rig in hopes that the prices will come down a lot. I've been wanting to just get a larger 400-500 GB or so SSD and just use it as my only drive to hold all of my data and ditch the HDD entirely. Will SSD prices drop heavily within the next year or so or is it better to just get one now?
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  1. No one can judge the market, but we all hope prices drop. Something like this will set you back a ton of cash. http://www.plextoramericas.com/index.php/ssd
  2. High capacity SSD's are fairly new, it wasn't too long ago that a 32gb was fairly standard, I would not expect prices to drop much soon. Just look for a sale on one and grab it up, you can even get 2 smaller capacity SSD's on sale and just RAID them, will probably be cheaper than the equivalent single drive.
  3. Tough to answer. On the one hand prices are all but certain to continue falling (they're nowhere near as high as they used to be). On the other hand, there is no evidence that prices are going to have a particularly steep drop in the near future. You can wait and probably save a few bucks, but at the price point you're looking at for a drive that large, prices aren't likely to drop off a whole lot. But you never know what might happen.

    You might be better off going with a smaller SSD and pairing it with your HDD for now, and look at the full jump to a larger SSD in the future. There are some concerns that come up too with using an SSD for a complete system drive due to the number of write cycles that they can endure.
  4. What a easy question yes technology always gets cheaper and SSD's are getting cheaper everyday is it gonna be the same capacity as hard drives per dollar NO but 3 years ago 32GB is all you could get for 100$ now you can get 128GB. and for 50$ 32GB.
  5. They already have.
  6. daship said:
    They already have.

    This is basically the case, it will be a LONG time before they would ever be seen at current mechanical drive prices.
  7. There are two issues, both related to the architecture and physical properties of NAND flash memory.

    Many see NAND topping out at near 512 GB. Stacking of daughter boards can be used to raise that. Perfecting and marketing a device based on a 16GB die could also affect that. But those are developments we are waiting to see. Prices are close to $1 per Gig now and falling.

    I also worry a bit about the maximum rating of read/ write cycles for NAND memory. I can see using a 128GB SSD for my OS and within three years it just stops working.

    But for what they are good for, NAND SSDs are fantastic. They are as or more reliable for spinning hard disks. SSDs where originally developed to work in fighter jets, where G forces prohibit a standard spinning hard drive from working reliably.

    Use a SSD for your OS for now, a spinning hard drive for your more permanent storage. It will positively affect your computing experience greatly.
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