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Says processor not supported

hi, i have just upgraded my cpu from a e6300 core 2 duo rev b2 to q6600 rev b3.i have the latest bios whixh is 1754.every time i boot the computer it says the processor is not supported and can cause damage or data loss if i continue.i keep pressing ok and it boots up fine with no problems.should i be worried about this?my motherboard is the intel dg965wh
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  1. If your power supply is adequate for your complete system load, then no. As long as you aren't getting windows bluescreens or random freezes/reboots, then you should be ok. Run it for awhile and see if you have any problems; if you change boards, get an Intel p45 or x38 that can use your ddr2 and you might avoid reinstalling windows, especially if the motherboard is the same brand (Intel).
  2. i just have looked and seen that my board revision is not supported.will there be damage if i continue to run it?
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    No. It simply won't identify the cpu correctly during the post. Serious issues are bluescreens, which are usually a memory issue, or freeze ups and reboots. It won't hurt to change boards, but if you've never done it before, you'll need to do some reading. Download the motherboard manual before ordering any board and read sections of it. Some are well written, some not. For any oem system (dell, hp, etc), your windows installation may only work with the original board or possibly with a replacement dell, hp board.
  4. ok, i still have my core 2 duo if i gets out of ahnd
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