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I'm trying to build a new computer since 4 months ago, but due to some delay in collected money, finally I'm looking to buy a new computer. But I'm totally new to computer building, that It's really hard for me to pick out parts that are compatible, and good price for the bucks.

Approximate Purchase Date: Anytime when my build is organized (in 2-3 weeks)

Budget Range: around $600

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, but not hardcore, only games like Starcraft 2, Left 4 Dead 2 (i dont need the graphics to be in the insane settings; medium or high settings will be fine)

Parts Not Required: mouse, OS

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: Newegg, amazon.. etc, wherever they have good deals, yet with safety on products

Country of Origin: Virginia

Parts Preferences: I do not have preference, other than I don't want Full tower case

Overclocking: mmm... why not? maybe just a little bit?

SLI or Crossfire: Yes

Monitor Resolution: I have to buy a monitor too, so suggestions on monitors too please.

Additional Comments: i would like to base my build on a certain "great bang for the bucks" item. Such as: SAPPHIRE Raedon 5770, is excellent for its price. (at least that's what i heard 4 months ago)

I want about 3.0Ghz of quad-core CPU, 500Gb~1TB hard drive, 4Gb of RAM, 500-600W power supply, Any case that can fit, and some ok-dvd drive. However, I don't know what Motherboard I should get, nor what to look for in a motherboard, and same goes for the Monitor. The only preference I have for the monitor so far is 17" or bigger.

Also, I dont want other accessories such as: keyboard, speakers.. etc get in the way of finding a good core build. That's why the budget can be a little over $600.

And a motherboard-integrated-graphics cards + a normal graphics card can be Crossfired or SLIed, right?

Oh, and one last thing. It can be a little bit bottlenecked, because I can add on a new graphics card later, since It's crossfire, or SLI ready.

Thank you so much in advance.
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  1. $600 will get you a solid deal. an Athlon II X4 635/640/645 (new tuesday), with 4 GB RAm, 500 GB HD, and either a HD5770 w/ Win 7, or a GTX 460 if you don't need windows.
  2. Yes! that's almost exactly what I'm thinking of, however, I'm really stuck on choosing a motherboard.
  3. AS Rock 770 Extreme 3 is good ($74.99)
    or a DDR3 version of the 880G ($79.99) if you need micro ATX
  4. Oh, I'm going to be using DDR3 RAMs, if that has an effect on what kind of motherboard I should choose. Also, What makes that motherboard good? what defines a good motherboard? So basically, what should I look for when buying a motherboard, other than compatibility?
  5. Its not clear whether your monitor is included in the $600 budget or not . Your operating system is important too . If you have a 32 bit OS , and especially if you are using XP ,you will not need more than 2 gig of RAM

    A good place to start might be this $400 build in the system builder marathon,2739.html

    Take the $400 pc and upgrade gfx to a 5770 ,

    upgrade the motherboard to an 880/ 850 chipset mb [ if you can live without crossfire ] or 890/850 chipset board [ if you cant ] which probably has a better chance of ongoing compatibility with next years new AMD cpu's

    and add a cpu cooler
  6. Is windows/the monitor included in the budget?
  7. I have Vista-64bit and Windows 7. But I do not have a moniter. I do have a moniter, so I can survive without one for now, but the moniter sucks so bad that I do need a new one. However, I would not like my moniter to be included in the budget, so that my core build isn't affected.

    Also, could you put a link to the "880/ 850 chipset mb" or "890/850 chipset mb" because I can't find it.
  8. Tower @ $531AR
  9. ok, you need a monitor, but not os. Batchuka has a nice build there, but I don't trust Biostar motherboards.

    I'd swap the motherboard combo out for a seperate purchase of as AS Rock Extreme 3 770 board: ($59.00)

    and a Rana 445 processor ($77.99),

    then swap the Patriot G for some Mushkin Essentials ($74.99).

    This increases the cost over Batchukas build by $1.91 (so, $592.83), and loses one of the $20 rebates. But the motherboard is much more reliable.
  10. Wow! Its really starting to take shape now. But, I wanted a quad-core, with 3.0Ghz.

    Also, the screwysqrl's edition to the build comes out to be about $607, but that's completely fine. Is the AS Rock Extreme 3 770 board crossfire/sli-ready?

    And is that case able fit everything? especially the graphic card?
  11. the 770 is technically crossfire ready, but not really. the Lanes are 16x/4x. you want at least 16x/8x, which means an 870 board minimum, or an 880.

    tuesday, a new 3.1 GHz Athlon II 4 core will be out for about $100, and shoud drop prices on everything else.

    4 core Phenom IIs will also drop if the 1075T 6 core has the price quoted in a Fry's Electronics ad of $179.99
  12. sounds like the 3.1Ghz Atholon II 4 core seems to be the best for me.
    It comes out in tuesday the 21st?

    and is this:

    the motherboard you're talking about?

    oh, and also isn't this the same thing?

    except its 0.1Ghz lower?
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    Jineus said:
    sounds like the 3.1Ghz Atholon II 4 core seems to be the best for me.
    It comes out in tuesday the 21st?

    and is this:

    the motherboard you're talking about?

    oh, and also isn't this the same thing?

    except its 0.1Ghz lower?

    That is the 870 board yes. And yes the 640 is the same processor 100 MHz slower. The new one is the 645, and is due out in 2 days.
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