Which way to connect 4890 to TV?

I have been banging my head trying to figure out if my card will connect to my TV. I read hints that some cards can put out composite, s-video or component over the vga or dvi (via an adapter) but i have a hard time figuring if mine does. I just bought a VGA-to-Composite adapter but no luck (TV screen is mostly black w. white hear an there).
So the Q is:
1) can i use the current card for this tv? If so, how?
2) if i can use this card, can i buy a cheapo card and run it in my second pcie slot? ... will this cause some issue with two different cards?

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TV Connections: composite, component, s-video

Video Card: Sapphire Radeon Vapor-X HD4890 1GB DDR5 VGA/DVI/HDMI/DisplayPort PCI-Express Video Card AT-489V_1G
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    Your video card has three 'digital' outputs ( DVI, HDMI, DP ), whereas your TV has only three 'analog' inputs ( composite, S-video, component ).

    Therefore, I suggest you shoud try to get a DVI-to-component converter cable or converter box, if available, because component is the best among the three analog inputs your TV set has. But this is not enough. You should also transmit audio from your PC ( sound card ) to your TV set with a separate cable.

    Conversely, you can buy a black box that receives HDMI input ( which transmits both video and audio ) and outputs component and audio separately. But I believe such a black box ( along with the cables ) may be so expensive that you will want to buy a new TV set that has lots of inputs of all flavors, HDMI, component, composite, etc. Anyway, you have to search the web for " HDMI to component converter ".

    Hope this helps.
  2. How do i know that my dvi will output s-video format? ....assume that i will only buy an adapter not a full fledged converter?
  3. I have said nothing that should have led you to your question. But to answer it, look at the "adapter". One side should have male DVI connector and the other side shoud have female S-video connector. This means the adapter you will be looking at will presumably support DVI-to-S video conversion. It could also be a cable. One end of the cable must have male DVI connector and the other end of the cable must have female S-video connector.
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