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I recently purchased 2 120gb samsung 840 series ssd's and inatalled them on a gigabyte ga990fxa-ud5 enabled raid in the bios and set up the array in raid utility at this point i did a fresh install of windows 7 during setup the LD was not recognized so i searched for the raid drivers on mobo driver disk but still setup does not recognize the LD any help or guidence would be greatly appreicated
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  1. Off topic, but please tell me you got 840 pros?

    The normal version uses a different type of NAND, and is rather slow and unreliable - putting them in RAID 0 and thus doubling the failure chance seems like a bad idea.

    SSDs also get faster, the larger they are, so I would highly recommend returning those SSDs if you can, and getting a 240GB Samsung 830, 840 pro, or OCZ Vertex 4. That way you get a reliable drive that's bloody fast without having to worry about RAID and if TRIM is enabled. (If your motherboard can't support TRIM in raid, then you should be running away from it fast - it means that you're killing your drives with every write... and doing so very quickly.)
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