Asrock G31M-S + E6500 won't post :(

I currently have a E1400 2.0 Ghz Celeron, and bought a E6500 2.93 Ghz Dual Core Pentium. My computer won't post with the new cpu. I checked the asrock website and E6500 is not listed as a supported cpu, but E6300 2.8 Ghz is. This has me worried. But I googled online and it appears others are using this combo successfully. I upgraded to latest 1.90 bios. Still no post, just a black screen. Putting my old 2.0 Ghz in and computer working again. Can anyone help with advice to get E6500 working in G31M-S ? Thank you!
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  1. Additional Info:

    Ram is 2x2GB Corsair XMS DDR2 800
    Power supply is 600W coolermaster

    Here is link to supported cpu's

    Here is link to manual

    I have tried resetting the CMOS, no luck.

    Thank you for any advice!
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