Asrock 970 Extreme4 Availability

Has anyone seen this MB on sale on any etailer other than newegg? I'm interested in it and have issues with newegg, but can't find it anywhere else!
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  1. What 'issues' do you have with Newegg??

    A little expensive $218497.92
  2. :-O expensive indeed mate! Considering that the newegg one costs $105, less than half..

    I have a US address but my CC adress is from abroad, and unlike Amazon, newegg demands you to have a US card. I can usually find all the newegg stuff on Amazon at very similar prices, but not this particular MB..

    Thanks for the lead anyway!
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    It's a new MOBO just give it a few days and I'm certain the MOBO will be on Amazon and all the rest.
  4. I will. Thanks!
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