Need Help Choosing A Case

Hello everyone, I need some recommendations on choosing a case, I am looking for the following in a case:
>Lots of fans with built in dust filters
>Full Tower case with support standard ATX form factors and up (I may be putting in an XL-ATX motherboard)
>At Least 4 standard HDD and 1 standard SSD Slots Available (Does not have to be hot-swappable)
>At least 2 DVD drive slots
>Good cable management system to hide most of those pesky cables and increase airflow.
>I would like support for water cooling just encase I ever decided to use it. Keep in mind that I dont have to have it.
>Support for a standard ATX power supply (most likely Corsairs AX series)
>Easy to access front panel. None of those stupid latches etc...
>Support for large video cards (e.g. HD5970) without compromising any other functionality of the case.
>Sturdy and simple design and made from quality parts.
>Comes in black color (i would prefer black but im not that fussy about it along as its not pink or something haha)

And i dont want it to cost an arm and a leg, something in the range of no more than $300AUS

Anything close to this would be nice. please include the full name of the case and its manufacturer and a price if you know it. i can look it up myself if you dont know it.

Thanks, Quantum
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    Cooler Master HAF-X- Its 200 US Dollars.
  2. goalguy876 said:
    Cooler Master HAF-X- Its 200 US Dollars.

    thats the HAF-X is exactly what i was looking for.
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