Motherboard containing both AGP & PCI slots?

i thought motherboards could either have PCI slots or AGP ones, but i have seen a number of labelled diagrams of motherboards having both of them (see the picture for reference), please explain this to me whether its true or not? plus if it is true, can i put in my AGP graphics card in the slot?

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  1. PCIe not to be confused with PCI, PCIe + AGP are extremely rare; example ASRock 775Dual-VSTA has all (3) AGP, PCIe and PCI -

    PCIe + PCI are very common.
    AGP + PCI 'were' very common.
    AGP + PCIe + PCI 'were' very UNuncommon.
  2. it was very common for motherboards from the early 00's to have AGP and PCI slots. off the top of me head, i recall having boards with both AGP and PCI on sockets 478, A, and 754.
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