What AM3/LGA 1156 processors are similar to the Pentium E5200 performa


I'm looking for something better, of course. But somewhat similar in performance.

EDIT: The title is supposed to say "What AM3/LGA 1156 processors are similar to the Pentium E5200 performance wise"
The end was cut off.
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  1. Probably the Athlon II X2 240 but the Pentium E5200 can perform better if both are over clocked.At stock speeds the Athlon wins.
    Here is another set of benchies at stock speeds.Notice though that they only had the low power version of the Athlon II X2 240 to compare.
  2. Cool. Just wanting to know where my starting point would be and how much of a step up it would be- I'm attempting to put together a list of parts for a budget PC. I was going to either get a Athlon II 255 or a Athlon II 445.
  3. I had a spare Athlon X2 240 that I used with a $40 motherboard (actually it works well) with some spare DDR 2 memory to revive a old PC (given to me) that died last year (It used socket 939 an Athlon 64 3400+ CPU) and the $40 replacement motherboard was a AM2+ type (Biostar).
    I reused the old hard drive with XP Pro on it.I did have to reactivate Windows but it worked (same chipset,IGP and network chip).Right now I am using this very computer to type here.
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