P6x58d-e memory problem

Hello, i have a p6x58d-e mb i am running kingston hyperx ddr3 triple channel ram on windows7 64bit os but am only showing 4gig of the 12 gig ram installed. Would like some info on how to fix this problem i know te mb and ram are fine so something else must be wrong oh and updated my bios to latest version so really confused as to whats wrong...plz help me
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  1. Hello and welcome to the forums
    Go to Run>Msconfig>Boot>Advanced options and make sure the "Maximum memory" is unchecked
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    This should help if you the Msconfig doesn't work!
  3. no dont have that option in my bios unfortunately.....could any1 that owns one of these boards offer any further help
  4. Have you manually set your RAM settings in the BIOS?


    Command Rate:

  5. yes have tried manual imput with no result :(
  6. rumbler said:
    yes have tried manual imput with no result :(

    I Dont know what to say but get take out all ram and put one at a time than turn on than off and put another in and repeat and see which one is not showing and which one is showing increase when adding RAM...
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