Will my cabinet suppory 450 GTS and Cooler Master RS550-PCARE3-US eXtreme PSU 55

Hey all, I seem to have another question. I have an iball cabinet i6363.But I am not sure that 450 GTS and a Coolermaster PSU will fit into it.Please reply it to me.
Here are the links
i ball cabinet:

Coolermaster PSU:

Just look at the dimensions and tell me whether it will support or not.And the GTS 450 link
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  1. cooler master makes many different psu series of varying quality. the extreme and elite power series are the worst and over-rated. avoid them
  2. Really, I didnt know that.
    Thanks for the reply but you haven't replied to me whether the computer casing ( Iball i6363) will support the PSU and GPU.
    Could you tell me the best 550 watt PSU whether it may be Coolermaster, Corsair or any other. My budget is around Rs.5000 for PSU which quite like $110 in the US. Do reply both the questions
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