Confused about how much memory i can have.

I have been running around the net trying to figure this out myself but one site says one thing while the other says another thing. I just want to know what is that max amount of RAM my cpu can have installed. Currently it is sitting at 4x1GB for 4GB total.

Ran a scan on cpu-z:

0k068d motherboard
chipset intel p35/g33/g31
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  1. It seems you've got a pre-built Dell system.
    Well most P35 board support up to 8GB/16GB RAM.To be sure 100%,you better ask Dell
  2. ^ Concur, check the manual and Maziar is probably correct.
    Side comment, Total ram is not dependent on CPU, but on MB and operating system.
    8 gigs is probably the max you would need anyway as there is very little performance gain going from 8->16 gigs (With the exception of a very few software programs). No gain for gaming.
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