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hello, i have aproblem that has been killing me for like 2 months, it is a prob that happens when i play an online game called shaiya, ok so the problem is after 3-10 mins of playing the game the screen or the monitor of my laptop turns white and then i cant even do nothing it turns all white just like fading, i used to play this game on the same laptop that the problem is happening on for 1 and a half year, idk what is the prob or the cause, i tred doing everything but it never works, i even reinstalled windows
so plz some 1 help me, my pc is dell inspiron 1525, and as i said i never had this problem before, i tried running the game on lowest specs didnt work for me

i am running windows xp sp3

laptop specs:

Card name: Mobile Intel(R) 965 Express Chipset Family
Display Memory: 256.0 MB
Current Mode: 1280 x 800 (32 bit) (60Hz)
Processor: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU T7250 @ 2.00GHz (2 CPUs)
Memory: 1014MB RAM

plz help
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  1. have you tried different drivers?
  2. what do u mean different drivers?
  3. raiyus13 said:
    have you tried different drivers?

    what do u mean different driver and btw my fps drops down
  4. nope not rlly just the driver for my graphics card
  5. This sound like your gpu is overheating.

    Most laptop will have this problem.

    Looking at temperature would help us on your problem.

    Download speed fan or core temp to look at it.
  6. dextermat said:
    This sound like your gpu is overheating.

    Most laptop will have this problem.

    Looking at temperature would help us on your problem.

    Download speed fan or core temp to look at it.

    ok download speedfan My Hd0 is 42c and my temp is 41

    whille as the core 0 56 and core 1 57 :S
  7. and when i play the game my gpu reaches like 80 for cores 0 and 1
  8. Wait your GPU or CPU? GPUs have a higher tolerance than CPUs. CPU temp under load should never go above the rated spec.
  9. i mean the gpu temp from the speedfan test
  10. 80C sounds too high to me, but I could't find the rated maximum temp for your CPU (I assume you mean your CPU since you said core 0 and 1 and you have a core 2 duo).

    However, I could be wrong. tjunction says 100, but they all say that. Says that for my q9550 core 2 quad but the rated temp is 70C.

    A 65 nm core 2 duo at 2ghz shouldn't run that much hotter than a 45nm core 2 quad at 2.83 ghz. That means your CPU shouldn't be getting much hotter than 70 degrees Celsius. If it is, then that is most likely your problem. Call your computer manufacturer and ask them:

    1)What the maximum rated temperature for the T7250 Core 2 Duo processor is.

    If it is lower than the 85 degrees you registered then follow these steps:

    1) Most likely some part of the computer is failing to cool properly. Do you hear the fan? If you do, then follow step 2. If not, contact tech support for your computer and ask for a support ticket.

    2) Have you dusted out the laptop recently? If not, buy a can of compressed air from staples or somewhere and blow out the laptop. Dust may be clogging the heatsinks and preventing them from operating properly. This happens to all sorts of electronics and is one of the know causes of the Red ring of death for the xbox. Happened at least once to my brother's.

    If the heat issues persist after blowing out the dust and the fan is on, then the heatsink may have become dislodged in which case you would need to send it in to some repair shop, most likely just to the manufacturer but there are other repair shops in the world. But remember, this is all only if the CPU is getting hotter than the rated temperature. If it isn't, then it isn't the CPU.
  11. I don't think it is your GPU since you have integrated graphics correct? I could be wrong though but usually when graphics overheat you see artifacts (like these: . only not as plentiful) before a complete crash that would result in a solid black/white screen.

    Have you seen anything like the above image? Strange shapes appearing and then disappearing very quickly while playing? Lines or colors appearing and disappearing?

    If not, then it probably isn't your GPU.
  12. yes, wow guardianangel u look like u know what u doing ok first off i get something like the picture and my screedn just fades white but ill still be in the game but cant move or do anyhting just stay there:(, and yes strange shapes, and yes my computer overheats alot and sometimes i hear some fan noises and it will be very hot i tried gettting external fan but it just didnt help do anything
  13. Ok, if you are getting artifacts then you should contact your manufacturer. You don't happen to still have warranty? I'll assume you don't. Talk to them, ask them about the overheating and try to take a screen shot of the screen, preferably several detailing the process from weird shapes to white screen.

    Let me test a program on your game and then I'll let you know how to get the screen shots. You don't happen to have Fraps installed on your computer do you?
  14. Actually, it would probably be best if you tested it, it would take too long for me to install the game and try to get it to work.

    Go to, click on the downloads tab, and click on the yellow link entitled "Download Fraps 3.2.3."

    Alternatively, you can get it here:

    This is a simple program that tells you the frames per second you are getting in game as well as give you the ability to record video of the game and take screen shots. You can only record 30 seconds at a time with the free version but the rest functions just fine.
  15. You wouldn't believe the value of screenshots. The one I showed you got me a free video card upgrade. If the manufacturer can see what you are describing they can better help you solve the problem.

    XP can take screen shots on its own, but it is saved like when you copy and paste something. You can only have one at a time and you have to go through paint to save it, exiting from the game. Not ideal for showing the progression of a problem.
  16. yes, i know what is fraps and i donwloading it, i got a picture but from my camera cuz every time i try to take the screenshot it tells me insufficent memory to store the bitmap and it doesnt let me get the screen shot but will try with fraps, and btw when the thing happens my core0 and core1 get as hight as 95 C
    i know
    ok working to get the screenshot and uploading it
  17. here are the screenshots :

    it is supposed to be like this:

  18. Ok, and those lines change and move? Rapidly? What is the progression from the bottom screenshot to the top few?
  19. I am a little perplexed by this. In my experience when a graphics card fails it leaves a completely solid color screen. For me, when I pushed my ATI card too far, I got a completely gray screen and then I was kicked back to the desktop.

    However, I may not be able to help you, but if you email these screen shots to tech support for your computer or keep this thread active, I am sure a more experienced member of the forums will have input. I am relatively new to the computer scene, but those lines do look familiar.

    I'm sorry I couldn't be more help. Good luck.
  20. thanks for the help man
    apreciate it :)
  21. Have you cleaned the heat sinks as guardianangel said? Your CPU temps are high to me for a laptop processor.
  22. Yes, 95 is definitely too high. Clean out the inside of the laptop with compressed air, blowing into the vent will not be sufficient. My desktop quad core, like I said, is rated for 70C. Anything higher than that for me is too high. For a laptop processor to be reaching 95C there has to be either an insane amount of dust built up or a loose/improperly applied heatsink. The latter was true for me several months ago, I think the former would be more likely in your case.

    Blow out the laptop and recheck the temps. Then come back to this thread and post the results. I will get a notification if you do and can help if you post in this thread.
  23. Also, as an afterthought, have you checked the Shaiya forums? Have you looked for mentions of similar problems? Just to cover all bases. It is most likely hardware related, but it doesn't hurt to check.
  24. yes i checked and liek i said i had been playing the game b4 2 years and i never had this prob until now
    ill try to open the desktop and clean it from dust
  25. I thought you said it was a laptop? A can of compressed air blown into the air vent while the computer is off should be sufficient. Opening electronic devices typically void the warranty. I don't know if you have warranty but still.

    Also, if you open it then you give the person that you might get to fix it an out. They can blame you for the computer being broken and they might also get hung up on whatever possible problems that might arise from opening the case instead of looking for the original problem.

    Just sayin, sometimes it is best to leave it closed.
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