Back-Up Hard Disk Before Formatting?

I have an Intenso 320GB Hard Disk and it was working fine until i put it into my Xbox 360 one day and it couldn't be picked up so i put it into my computer and a pop up told me i had to format it (Which i know means EVERYTHING has to wiped...) And i reeeally don't want to do this as i have a LOT of movies and music on it that took me forever to rip and download... Also it won't even let me view my files so i can't copy and paste them into a folder until I've formatted it...

So i was wondering if there is anyway of viewing my files or at least backing the whole thing up so when i format it all i have to do is copy and paste everything back on to it?

Thanks for your time :)
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  1. it sounds like you just need to restore the partition info.
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