GA-890FXA-UD5 usb problem

I have bought a new GA-890FXA-UD5 board. I hooked up everything as instructed in the manual except for one thing. There is an 8 pin 12v power connector that I don't have a connector for on my psu. It says in the manual that you must have this connector hooked up but I have seen in many many places that this connector can also be hooked up using a 4 pin connector which I did. Since I have hooked up the mb I have had lots of problems with usb devices. Otherwise it works fine. I thought it was the psu and I was practically on my way to get a new one when I saw that this connector is there mainly to power the cpu. If there was a problem, surely the computer wouldn't even power up. In general I don't do that much with my computer as of yet so my power requirements should be fairly minimal. I have a Sapphire hd 5450 video card that doesn't even have a fan on it. My instinct says that this is the psu, but it seems fishy. Anyways the main theme is that if it is the psu, then I have no problem going to buy a new one. I just don't want to waste my money on something that i don't need.
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  1. Probably not the PSU, what PSU is that and what are the problems?
  2. I replaced the psu. It seems to have fixed the problem. I was mistaken. The previous psu was a golden tiger 550w model. Maybe it just wasn't putting out enough power. My new model is a gold series seasonic x750.
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