Need info on vcore for PD 965EE

I have a Asus P5WD2-E Premium & Pentium D 965 EE (C1 / SL9AN) I got from someone and I think the mobo is overvolting the CPU when using the "AUTO" vcore setting. I tried Googling to no end and can't find an answer.. what should the vcore setting be set to at stock speeds?

The cpu box says the max vcore is 1.3v, Intel says the range is 1.200v-1.3375v. On AUTO the vcore is about 1.25v-1.35v. Also, the thing is that the vcore is about .05v higher than what the BIOS is set to.

I know it's an old CPU so... :sarcastic:
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  1. My mobo was running my Athlon II t 1.4 for the past year till I noticed it and set it to 1.17
  2. What is the CPU temperature?
  3. LOL at that answer
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