Ibm mobo cpu fan keeps running

ibm mobo 3.0ghz stop responding so i cleaned power supply now fan wont stop spinning but everything else seem to work except no beeps
and screen still blank.also swiped memory sticks and bought new cmos battery.
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  1. Do you mean after you turn off the computer it won't stop spinning?
  2. nope when i turn it on
  3. When you say you cleaned the CPU fan... and now it won't stop spinning... just how full of crap was the fan?? full enough it didn't spin before? Did the awful smell of burning lint and dirt alert you to the need to clean the fan out?

    It is normal for the fan to never stop spinning while the machine is on.

    Your CPU may be burnt toast now. :sweat:
  4. the fan is fine it was the power supply i cleaned and no its not normal it should make pulse not spinning constantly. the power supply was dirty as hell i even got a brand new power supply still does the same thing, what happen i saw the fan spin for a sec and stop dead then i cleaned power supply and now the fan keeps spinning but power the to board u can hear the hard drive/dvd drive lite ups but nothing on screen..everything clean i checked cpu no burn mark/capacitors not swolling..i was maybe thinking the fan wiring done..

    IBM Thinkcentre A50 8177-7DG Pentium 4 HT 3.0GHz
  5. noboby can give me a explanation on this??
  6. i found the problem :)

    i removed the fan and cpu was stuck on the fan underneath it was not even on properly so now after i put it back on good it works fine lmao never though that was it.
  7. IBM Thinkcentre A50 8177-7DG Pentium 4 HT 3.0GHz.....nice its just like one of my IBMs their good computer.....but the one i use the most is a IBM IntelliStation Z Pro Workstation has 4gb of ram and a Total Processor Support of 2 and it
    love ibm and i big video card
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