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every time I turn on computer, I get no op system, I always need to go to setup and hit F1,then F5 to save defalts to recover the system, need help
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  1. Not sure what the title has to do with the question, or the location of the thread, "prebuilt" and then "how to build"....

    Anyway. If it is happening every time, it sounds like your boot process may be corrupted. I would try a clean install of the operating system.

    It sounds like you can get into the computer, booting into safe mode, so you can back up all your data - if there is any worth saving.

    Then do a clean install of the OS.
  2. Is the BIOS battery installed in the computer. You may need a new battery. It is like a 10 pence piece and stores BIOS info when the computer is off.
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