[Gigabyte] ga-ep35c-ds3r : Is it compatible with a GTX 590?

I'm currently building a socket 1155 system, and purchased a GTX 590 for it. I'm still waiting on my processor and cooler, so I decided to drop the 590 in my current system, my mobo being the Gigabyte ga-ep35c-ds3r. Unfortunately I am unable to get things going. When attached, the device manager gave me a code 43 (Hardware issues). I thought it might be because the GTX 590 is a dual GPU card (internal SLI-ish?) and the ga-ep35c-ds3r only has one PCI-e, even though the card itself one uses one PCI-e, I thought the board might have some limitations I don't know about.

I've been trying to search the web to see if my board has compatibility issues with the 590, but am unable to find anything. I popped my GTX 285 back in and the old PC is working as it was. I guess I'm worried that this card might be defective, but I can't find out until my new proc and cooler get in, unfortunately I picked up this GPU on ebay, so in any other case I wouldn't have any qualms about sending it back to the manufacturer, but I'm unsure on how that works considering I bought it second hand. Thanks for any help with this matter.
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  1. What PSU do you have and did you connect all the supplementary power connectors on the video card?
  2. An Antec 850w PSU, and I did connect both 8-pin power connectors on the video card.
  3. Try and test it on some other PC.
  4. Unfortunately I don't have anything readily available until my new CPU and cooler come in...
  5. Contact the seller of the card. It still has warranty?
  6. Quote:
    I'm unsure on how that works considering I bought it second hand
    well next time don't buy new tech from a place like ebay where you have dodgy characters.

    Even if you have a high end GTX 590 running in an x16 1.x slot, you should be fine to run it...just that you'd experience low frame rates because of the LGA 775 proc. but it'd still give you display.

    Listen to mosox contact the seller. If he ain't recieving the call, he knew the card was defective.

    my 2 cents, hope this helps ;)
  7. Upgrade the BIOS firmware on your motherboard and then load BIOS default setting. If that does not work try posting your question on there motherboard forums and or sending a tech question directly to Gigabyte tech support.
  8. Early Nvidia driver versions for the 590 causes many of them to overheat. The updated drivers now work well, and/or just block some of the higher voltage overclocking that was causing then to blow. I have the EVGA 590 on a Asus z68 mobo and I'm loving it.

    How much did you pay for your 590? What was the return policy stated by seller? On eBay if you received a defective item and payed with Paypal you can fight it to get your money back. If with credit card not to sure. Need to have card tested first to be sure it's faulty.
  9. Another thing, which 590 is it? Do the card's LED light or fans turn on when powered?
  10. Thanks for all the replies guys! I wasnt getting notifications for replies like I was supposed to, or I would've been back sooner. Well I did get the rest of the parts in for my new comp, got it put together and updated all drivers and the card is working great! Must have been some compatibility issue with the old mobo, but no worries now. Thanks again for all the suggestions.

    It is the EVGA Classified GTX 590, and I got it for 660. Destroying everything I throw at it. =)
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