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im looking to spend between 80 and 110$, whats the best bang for bucks mechanical sata6 hard-drives, between 1 and 2 tbs that would have top speed? thanks, i usually like western digital black but kind of pricey anything else someone can recommand thanks.
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    Samsung makes pretty fast HDD's.
    There's no real difference in speed though. Being mechanical makes it slow.
  2. thats 5400 rpm, and 32megs cache, not impressed sorry, looking for one with 64megs and 7200rpm, whats ur pick?
  3. iceclock said:
    thats 5400 rpm, and 32megs cache, not impressed sorry, looking for one with 64megs and 7200rpm, whats ur pick?

    Changed it because I was looking at the wrong one.
  4. thats serial ata3 not 6..., i think ur making quick recommandations...
  5. iceclock said:
    thats serial ata3 not 6..., i think ur making quick recommandations...

    No difference. HDD's don't even come close for filling the bandwidth of SATA2.

    Review of the F3:
  6. ive seen a difference going from 3.0 to 6.0 gigz a sec.

    also i dislike samsung drives. got anything better to recommand?
  7. iceclock said:
    ive seen a difference going from 3.0 to 6.0 gigz a sec.

    also i dislike samsung drives. got anything better to recommand?

    It's either the F3 or the WD Black.
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    Western Digital Blacks are about as fast as they get(I had the 2TB one, worked well, but was a bit loud), but even they do not pass the limits of SATA 3gigabit/sec. They DO have a SATA 6 interface, but don't expect much extra because of it.

    Seagate's new drives(1TB/Platter) are very fast too. I had the 2TB one PEAK at almost 190megabytes/sec.

    That said. SSD's are fast more then anything because of the insanely fast access times.

    The old HD tune is not accurate on access times over 1tb drives, but this should let you get an idea of the speeds.

    WDC Black 2TB
    New Seagate 2TB - The one with the short warranty :(
  9. thanks nuke, i already got a 256gb ssd, and a 640 gig western sata2 blue i beleive,

    so for the money what would u recommand?
  10. WD Black mostly because of a long warranty(5 years). I have had several, but have had one fail, but no one is perfect and WDC was fast with the RMA.

    Be warned the 2TB to me is kind of loud(but I want a quiet system).

    With an SSD, I do not think the hard drives overall speed will matter for just storage(I personally use the 5900 rpm Seagate LP for my files and another for my external backup.). And copying lots of files from the SSD to ANY hard drive will choke it.
  11. besides the blacks, anything else less costly, looking for something fair priced for the 2tb 3tb region
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  13. iceclock said:
    besides the blacks, anything else less costly, looking for something fair priced for the 2tb 3tb region

    The new Seagate's would be my next choice, just make sure you get the latest firmware if you do not like hearing the drive park when idle(if you have older stock).

    EDIt, ohh yeah, My LP's are sata 6 too, but again, it does nothing for actual performance they have much slower access times due to the 5900rpm speed.
  14. alright thanks :)
  15. I did a quick test on the Seagate LP. again access times are lower because HDtune(FREE) is old.

    min 58.0
    max 140.4
    avg 107.1

    Access Time


    -1% ?
  16. hmm any idea if the western digital red or blue 2tb is anygood?
  17. Red is for servers I believe. Green < Blue < Black
  18. seems about right, but the red is sata3 compatible and priced nicely, any toughts samuel?
  19. Red runs at the same spindle speed as green(but the red's are rated for 24/7[NAS use] operation and have some other features found on the RE drives.). So if you do not like 5400rpm drives, it is not for you.

    What are you doing with the drive?

    I would be more then glad to bench some drives on SATA 6gigabit and SATA 3 gigabit to get you some numbers to look at.

    EDIT, some reading for you.,3248.html
  20. mostly data, but ill be transfering stuf inbetween my ssd and this 2tb drive so something speedy would be nice :D. thanks for the read.
  21. If you are sending files back and forth those are sequential(larger files will be faster, while lots of slower files will not be as fast. for the most part access times do not play too much effect.

    It is not like loading games and stuff.

    Again, for storage, I personally use slower drives(spindle speed).

    If i NEEDED to be able to chew on fragmented files or jump from location to location lots(Windows/programs/games), then a 7200 rpm drive is your friend.

    I do not see how the SATA 6gigabit/sec will actually help tho. I mean the drives buffer is about the only thing that will work that fast and those tend to be from 8 or so megabytes(laptop) and 16-64megabytes(desktop). Once you full this, you are fully limited by the drives actual mechanical limits(under SATA 3gigabit/sec).

    The biggest thing for hard drives is that when they introduced PRM, drives could pack TONS more data on the same sized platters.

    This is why you can get a 1TB laptop drive that fits into a 9.5mm thickness :).

    By placing the data closer together, the drives get MUCH faster sequential read/writes. access times are the only thing that is truly holding hard drives back.

    Think of 9-16ms access times vs ssds with 0.02ms(or less) average access times.

    I remember my first 40gigabyte drive could JUST push upto about 40-50 or so megabytes a second if I remember right.

    in 2007 I had 2 a 2 drive RAID0 that pushed 120mb/sec by 2009 the same number of drives pushed over 200. Now a single drive CRUSHES what was once fast.

    Either way, I can run some benchmarks from SATA 6gigabit drives on SATA 3gigabit if you would like to see if it has any difference.
  22. yeah id like that if u have the time to see if theres an actual difference between sata3 and 2 :P
  23. This is what I got.

    I used the SAME cable(Asus supplied SATA 6gigabit cable) and same port(as even the cable makes a difference), just used the hard drives limit jumper to make the changes.

    The testing was done under Windows 8 once the system idles(power hit and stayed under 75 watts at the wall). All updates are installed. I wanted to use HDtune pro(demo), but when I set the clock back to make the other benchmark(Anvil) run, HDtune pro said I was expired forever.

    SATA 3gigabit

    SATA 6gigabit

    Without benchmarks, I think you would be hard pressed to feel the difference.
  24. As I said, no difference in HDD speeds for SATA2/3.
  25. alright thanks, i taught there would be a bigger difference but i guess not, thanks to both u guys :)
  26. Yeah, it was the same when SATA came out and people thought it was so much faster when at the time hard drives had been well below even ATA100 speeds.

    This also applies to PCI-E 3.0 until devices get MUCH faster they will not NEED it, but will have it.

    Either way, for straight storage, I think speed is not too much of an issue. I personally have 5900 rpm drives and they only get overwhelmed when I copy from the SSD to them. but even the black ha that problem. SSDs can just push data very fast.

    By overwhelmed, i mean that the drives average busy time shoots up very high, but if that is all you are doing(copying) it is not an actual issue.

    Just get the best you can afford with a warranty you want.

    Red's work,but are designed for network attached storage devices(NAS/RAID box). I was actually going to get one for my media center, but picked up a WD blue notebook drive(just 1TB) with high hopes for its low power/low heat/low noise setup. So far so good.
  27. so whats my best bet for speed, get a 2tb or 3tb since with more platters supposely increases performance?, im good with hardware but hard-drive wise not so much -_-

    looking to spend 120ish canadian.
  28. With tax and shipping?

    If so, chances are you will have to stick with 2tb.

    Also note that older boards(and operating systems) may not properly read drives larger then 2TB. Your board should have no problems with anything, just a warning if you plan to move the drive to another(older) system for any reason in the future.

    This is about as cheap as it gets. The down side is the 1 year warranty, some are posting saying that the seagate warranty checker shows 2, but I think it depends on location. The 1TB platters make it a very fast drive.

    If you notice it is making a rather loud head parking when it idles, you should be able to get a firmware fix from the seagate website.
  29. thanks, thats very good deal, and i can get for 15$ an extended 3 years with ncix so its all good :)
  30. I shop at NCIX almost inclusively(and they price match many other stores as well). Only go to other sites if NCIX does not carry the item :)

    If you review items you get and click a little link in the weekly e-mails they send, you can get points. 500 points gets you VIP. VIP gets you free return shipping for RMA's(very good if a product comes doa) and stuff.

    Remember the warranty extension is handled by a third party and not NCIX as far as I know.

    Enjoy the new drive.
  31. oh, well i know ncix replaces anything if its broken, within that warranty timeline,

    is it worth saving for a 3tb drive or not? i got a p67 mobo from msi hope it doesnt have issues with 2.5tb+ drives.
  32. Does the board have a UEFI bios? I think all with that work fine.

    If you go over 2, you have to use a different format(GPT and not MBR)

    More info here.
  33. i think its got uefi :)
  34. Most UEFI bios setups allow you to use the mouse as well as the keyboard.

    They looks something like this.

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