GTX 480 in ABIT IP35 Pro??

Will a GTX 480 work in my old ABIT IP35 Pro motherboard?

The GTX 480 is PCIE 2.0 16X, while newegg says the IP35 only supports PCIE 16X... Is it backwards compatible?


edit: I heard that 1.1 can run 2.0 cards and is sufficient?
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  1. PCIE lanes are backwards compatible, so they will work perfectly with v2.0 and 1.0.

    "However, PCI Express 2.0 offers twice the bandwidth of PCI Express 1.1, by doubling the throughput per lane from 250 MB/s to 500 MB/s. A x16 PCI Express link hence offers the same bandwidth as PCI Express 2.0 at x8."

  2. thanks for the quick reply.

    I think what I will do is buy a gtx480 (will water cool), and use my IP35 pro mobo until I get enough cash for a new rig. eventually SLI with water cooling :)
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