Need $500 or less GPU solution for new build

Hello Everyone

Looking to buy a new GPU for my system in a few months and wanted to start shopping and researching for one or a pair.

I have looked at all the 5870s and 480s. There are alot of custom ones and reg ones and I'm just trying to find a good deal for the most power.

Asus ROG 5870 with the 2gb option and 2 hdmis looks nice but I would really like a 2 card setup unless the Asus is enough...I would like to keep the

budget under 500 b4 shipping, etc so I can buy a second monitor. Plz help me. Oh and if you have a good dual 24" monitor solution that would be

Great 2!!

Also looked at buying a pair of the new 460...heard they were quite potent and cheap
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  1. two 460s. Best. the ROG 5870 is really nice, and the 480 is just... well.. let me just say the heatsink will turn RED HOT!!!!!!!!
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