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Hey, I am building gaming PC. I am going to purchase a HDD and a SSD. Do i only use the HDD for the OS, documents, internet,etc? and the SSD for gaming??? Im not sure how they work. When i install a game do i choose to save to SSD or HDD? Please help thank you!
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  1. Use the SSD for OS and programs (games) and the HDD for storage
  2. SchizTech said:
    Use the SSD for OS and programs (games) and the HDD for storage

    Storage like what lol...
  3. Use the SSD for the OS and any important programs and games. They will benefit from the speed boost an SSD has over a HDD.
    Put your music, movies, documents, unimportant programs and games on the HDD.

    Put only games that will benefit from the faster load times most, so games like Fallout and Skyrim that constantly load are best. By comparison something like BF3 wont really benefit because it only loads at the beginning of the level. With online play it will be more the internet speed that matters than drive speed.
  4. The OS goes on the SSD along with select games. Everything else (apps, data, movies, mo3's, other games) goes on the HDD. Here's a good guide:
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