Gaming Laptop question (or 2)

Hey all, I've been trying to find an answer to this question for a while and I figured Tom's was a good community to ask.

Ok, here's the deal: I've been thinking about replacing my Dell m1710 from like 2007 (it's got a 7950 GTX, kinda falling behind a bit), and the #1 system I've been looking at is the Alienware m15x. However, literally all the professional reviews are from first generation old models of the system. I've been unable to find ANY reviews of the updated configurations. And now I noticed that they FINALLY added GDDR5 cards. Does anybody have one that can attest to its performance?

Also, I know there are more powerful and cheaper laptops than Dell/AW, but I'm afraid of buying from anyone else because Dell's support is so solid and TYPICALLY their products last 3 years easy. I saw this laptop on another thread: MSI GX660R-060US

and it looks great, but I don't particularly trust the company. Anybody have one that can tell me how the support is? Thanks!
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  1. sager is better prices for about the same pc but dell has almost no support for the alienware line i have been trying too get help with my m11x for months now asus has a fue gaming laptops that are good do u have a price range or specs u were looking at on the alienware
  2. I'm lookin at keeping it around 1500-1800, it absolutely needs a GDDR5 graphics card and hopefully equivalent or on par with the 5850. I would love the m15x if they offered the 5870, but 5850 is as high as they currently offer for it.

    I saw a quote on this forum that said "Consult your attorney general before buying a Sager" which somewhat frightens me, but I WAS looking at one a while back.

    However the majority of gaming laptops are too big, I currently have a 17" m1710 and while I love it, I want a 15.6" that weighs slightly less.
  3. do they offer the sli/crossfie with their laptops still that would be ur best bet for 5870 power from a laptop
  4. No :[ the 5850 is as high as that PARTICULAR model goes. the 17" model does offer SLI but again I want to stay away from 17" laptops this time. I think I will wait and see how the christmas deals are unless I find something perfect in between.
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